Are blue switches good for gaming

The gaming business has evolved significantly since the days when consoles were used for competitive gaming. Currently, the majority of professional gamers use computers rather than consoles. Mechanical keyboards are essential for computer gaming setups. With regard to keyboards, mechanical switches play a significant role. Are blue switches useful for gaming?

That is entirely up to personal preference. Many individuals have difficulty pressing the blue switch keys since they have a large, noticeable hump on the tops of them. Blue switches, on the other hand, have MX keys. The key you’ve pressed can be heard even if you can’t see it because of the high-pitched noise the keys make.

However, there is more to blue switches than meets the eye. Well, keep reading to find out!

Does Using Blue Switches Improve Your Gaming? (Explained)

However, Blue Switches can be used for gaming, but they aren’t the perfect solution. A mechanical keyboard with blue switches is the ideal option if you’re not a professional player and prefer heavier keys.

Blue switches, on the other hand, may not be the greatest option for your gaming needs. Linear switches, as opposed to blue switches, provide the best gaming experience, according to the market.

It’s common for folks to find blue switches irritating because of their heavy spring and tactile bump.

They may not be able to play games, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy. If anything, they could be considered the second or third best gaming options. Because of this, whether or not you use blue switches for gaming is completely up to you.

Blue switches may not be right for you if you love to play FPS games with a high degree of agility. When it comes to pressing down on a certain key with endurance and flexibility, the blue switch could be a game changer for such people.

For gaming, can the Blue Mechanical Switch be used

Blue switches can be a terrific value if you’re ready to put up with the loud noise and significant spring resistance. The build quality, typing consistency, and longevity of blue switches are all near-perfect.

Many elements influence whether or not blue switches are appropriate for gaming. Some of the most significant of these aspects have been gathered by us. Listed below are the details:

Force of Action

When you push a key, the amount of force you use to do so is known as operating force. It’s the degree of difficulty in pressing the key. You must have a moderate output force while gaming.

By pressing a key by accident when the operating force is too low, the keyboard will execute the command. For friendly fire in video games, you may as well be the target. As a result, you may have difficulty registering keystrokes. If you’re looking for a lighter switch, look for the brown switch or Cherry MX Brown on das keyboard.

Point of Initiation

When you press down on the key, this is where the force is applied. When it comes to activation points, it is important that they are both long-lasting and versatile. In order to resist high stress levels, most keys are fashioned out of materials that are pliable and flexible.

Due to the fact that you must exert the required force, it is often referred as an operating position.

Position of Tactility

In a mechanical keyboard, each key has a distinct tactile location. When you press the switch in this position, you’ll get a bump. Many people have difficulty pressing the blue switch because of its challenging tactile position.

Many individuals avoid blue switches because of its strong tactile position. A less likely occurrence of accidentally pressing a key on the wrong one is another benefit of having a good tactile position. So the risk of mistyping or friendly fire is reduced. Switches with more tactile feedback may be an option if you desire a more satisfying user experience.

A New Beginning

After the command has been run, the key returns to its previous position, indicating that the command has been completed.

Mechanical keyboards have zero likelihood of experiencing problems with the reset point. Because of this, you may rest easy. Reset point issues will not be a problem no matter what type of red switch you purchase.

The Positives and Negatives of the Blue Switch.

Is gaming on Blue switches a smart idea? Depending on your tastes, they are. However, keep in mind that blue switches aren’t always the ideal choice for every scenario.

Identifying the benefits and cons of a keyboard with a blue switch is essential before making a purchase. Until then, there’s no way to know whether or not the keyboard will meet your needs.

Blue Switch’s advantages

A Squeaky Sound

The sound of the keys being pressed down and then springing back to their original position is what gamers seek. They will be able to confirm that the command has been received by clicking this button. If these are MX keys, the subject is likely to be able to determine which key they are pressing based on the sound.

When it comes to the “clicky” sensation, blue switches are the best. The design of the spring in mechanical keyboards assures a reliable click. In order to activate it, you’ll notice a distinct difference between moving your fingers and clicking the keys.

Excellent power and actuation of the operating system

The working force of keyboard keys is critical. By pressing a key by accident when the operating force is too low, the keyboard will execute the command. However, if the force is too great, you may be unable to hit the standard keys at all.

The working force of blue switches has been criticized by many users as being excessively high, although this is actually a good thing. The spring force and longevity of blue switches necessitate a high working force. Since the Cherry MX switch requires 60 cN of working force, this is the reason.

Effortless Clicking

Become a professional player by mastering the art of precise keystrokes. Most mechanical keyboards are designed to be user-friendly, however this can be an issue.

In a first-person shooter, your ability to outperform your opponent will be severely hampered if you can’t hit the right keys. The keys with blue switches, on the other hand, will not be inaccurate.

In terms of the most accurate switches, blue switches are among the best, if not the best. The key you’ve pressed will give you audible feedback as soon as it comes into contact with something. This is quite helpful, especially in the midst of a game where every keystroke matters.

There are certain drawbacks to using Blue Switch.

Quite a Bit of Noise

When you press the keys on a blue switch, the loudness can reach to the extreme. This is fantastic for gaming. One of the most popular gripes about blue switches is that they can be a nuisance to operate. Using a blue switch keyboard while playing a game that requires a high level of focus can be tremendously disruptive. The Cherry MX black switch is an option if you want to switch to a different switch type. Except for the black version, all Cherry MX mechanical switches have a distinct click sound.

Longer Distance Travel

When it comes to typing consistency, blue switch keyboards have a serious flaw. It’s possible that you won’t even be able to type the key you wish to type if you’re not used to doing so swiftly. The operating force may be too high for some users, in addition to the long travel distances between the keys. What’s more, how much force you use as a habit at the end of the day will have an impact on this. You’ll become used to the blue switch quickly if you constantly pressing it. Only time will tell if getting used to the blue switches was worthwhile.

Do you find the Blue Switch to be annoyance?

Answering this question is a little more difficult than you may expect. This is due to the fact that whether or not you find switching keyboards bothersome relies on your own preference and whether or not you can handle the aspect that adds to aggravation.

We’ve already shown that typing at high speeds on blue switches may generate a surprising amount of noise.

Take, for example, Fortnite or Apex Legend, which are both intense PVP first-person shooters. To type while manipulating your avatar, you may have to squint your eyes at the keyboard to find the proper letter. Due to the inconsistency of typing with blue switches, this is why.

Because of this, keyboards with blue switches are considerably superior in terms of sound quality when compared to keyboards with any other switch type. Long-term exposure to this noise may be unsettling.

Just like typing and playing at the same time, getting used to this high click sound rate takes a long time. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, gaming can be a lot of fun. Aside from that, hearing the clicking sound may even be a pleasurable experience rather than a nuisance. If you simply cannot tolerate the noise, another option is an optical switch.

Do Blue Switches Work Well in Multiplayer First-Person Shooter Games?

Playing video games with blue switches is an option. However, if you plan to play professionally or just for fun, you’ll need different equipment. For example, if you’re a professional streamer who wants to play first-person shooters, blue switches won’t cut it.

There are a number of reasons why this is the case. When you’re already in the middle of a match, blue switches aren’t the best option for switching to chatting. The keys are far apart and take a lot of force before you can press the correct one.. To a certain extent, clicking sounds can be beneficial, but making too much of the sound can be a stumbling block.

If you’re looking for a way to unwind after a hard day at the office, a cherry blue keyboard can do the trick. Blue Switch is your best bet if you’re looking for a relaxed FPS gaming experience.

Whether or not blue switches are good for typing is an open question.

There are a number of different types of typing that fall under this umbrella. You need to communicate with your teammates in-game, let’s say. The right keys may be difficult to reach if you wish to switch to the conversation function while still in control of your avatars.

When it comes to everyday typing, blue switches are the best option for most people. In addition to letting you know when you’ve successfully pushed a button, the buttons feature a distinct click to keep you from accidentally pressing the wrong key while fumbling for the correct one.

You don’t have to worry about shattering your keys if you use too much force. As a result, the keys have a very high working force and are engineered to sustain that force at the activation point. The Gateron blue, as well as other colors of the Gateron Switch, are excellent keyboards.

A Blue Switch is made up of a series of components.

The majority of mechanical keyboard switches are made up of six basic parts. There are six parts in the blue switch you’re using right now. The following is a list of each of these elements in further detail:

  1. The Keycap: Keycaps cover the keys on a keyboard. Every keyboard has this problem. The clicking sound you hear when pressing a key on a mechanical keyboard is produced by the keycap. 
  2. The Stem: It is the stem that links the keycap to the main peripheral, which is in charge of the key’s internal mechanics. As determined by the operation point and keystroke feel, this component selects the switch type to use.
  3. The Upper Housing: It is the responsibility of this component to keep the stem safe. It is also the portion of the key where the entire force from your finger is exerted when you hit the keys.
  4. The Coil Spring: Once the key is pressed, a coil spring returns it to its original position. After a command has been run, it must reset the command. The key’s actuation pressure is determined by the spring.
  5. The Base Housing: In this case, the top home is anchored to the base of the structure. It secures the upper housing to the PCB by attaching and securing it.
  6. The Crosspoint Contact: An electronic component, such as a speck of metal or a sliver of gold leaf, that allows current to flow. Whenever you press a given key, the PCB is struck by the key and the circuit is closed, rendering the key that you have pressed.

Comparing the Cherry MX Red and Blue Switches

All mechanical keyboard switches will be referred to as Cherry MX speed silver keys in this comparison. Using the cherry switch as a constant will ensure that we achieve a fair result.

  • Typing: Compared to red MX switches, blue MX switches are more precise (other than the outemu blue switch). Linear switches in red are the type of switch you’ll find on these devices. As a result, they won’t make a peep of noise. When you hit the red switch keys, you don’t need to feel the click on the tip of your fingertips. The subject’s rate of mistyping increases as a result of this. Blue switches, on the other hand, answer all of these concerns and guarantee that their keys actually click. In this way, there are fewer chances for typing errors and the total accuracy is improved.
  • Feel: Depending on your personal preferences, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of various switch sensations. When you push the keys, you’ll get a satisfying clicky sensation from the blue switches. There is no click from red switches. They are designed to be easy to use and provide immediate reaction to the user’s touch. Gamers frequently grumble about the monotony of red switches because of this fact.
  • Gaming: Blue switches may not be able to keep up with their red counterparts when it comes to intense gaming performance. It’s not necessarily worse, though. With the blue switch, you can still have a good time playing games for fun.
  • Sound:In comparison to the silent red switch, the blue switch makes a lot of noise. However, while this sound can be useful in some ways, it may be too much for some beginning users. It wouldn’t take long for a new user to become accustomed to the loud volume and even feel grateful for it.

Verdict: Ultimately, whether or not you opt to use a blue switch keyboard relies on your personal preferences and needs. Blue switches may not be necessary in professional gaming. Switches with blue lights are better for relaxing and having fun while playing video games. Cherry MX green switch is also available in Mx black and razer green, gateron brown and cherry MX white.

People May Also Ask

Is a blue switch mechanical gaming keyboard worth the money or not?

The type of keyboard you choose doesn’t matter as long as it is mechanical. You should, however, keep in mind that there are four things to keep in mind when purchasing a key switch. These factors are the environment, tactile protection, hand size and speed, and the purpose of buying.

Describe the sensation of pressing a blue switch.

If you’ve ever used one of those vintage typewriters, you’ll know what a blue switch keyboard feels like. When you press a key, you’ll hear a click from the tip of your finger. In this way, you know that your order has been carried out.

When typing with blue switches, can you sense a bump?

When you use the blue switch, you will feel a jolt in your fingertips. Blue switches are clicky switch keys, and pressing the spring on one of these demands a lot of force.

Is there a way to eliminate keyboard clatter while live streaming?

It’s easy to remove keyboard sounds from your stream. Noise suppression filters can be added to your audio mixer settings with a few clicks. Alternatively, noise gate filters can be used to eliminate unwanted keyboard noise.

No, it takes a long time to type on the blue switch.

Although it isn’t the fastest keyboard changeover, it is one of the most user-friendly. Due to a variety of circumstances, typing with a blue switch is extremely accurate. As a result, you can text quickly while avoiding mistakes.


A conclusion has finally been reached in this situation. “Are blue switches good for gaming?” should already be off your list of unanswered questions.

As long as you’re playing casual games, we think you can benefit from this. Are you still on the fence? It’s up to you to decide whether or not it’s worth the buzz!