A coffee urn was formerly considered a necessity in every kitchen. Although they aren’t as widespread these days, coffee urns are still a need for caterers and may be a convenient option for serving coffee at an event or for big gatherings at home.

Types of Coffee Urns

Coffee urns exist in a variety of sizes, which are generally labeled according to the number of cups they can hold. Small(er) home coffee urns may prepare up to 30 cups of coffee at a time. If you wish to use one at home on a daily basis, bear in mind that most coffee urns need you to boil a certain number of cups in order for the device to function effectively. Always verify the specs for your machine in the manufacturer’s instructions. Other bigger coffee urns, which are often used by caterers, may hold up to 100 cups of coffee. Choose an urn with adequate capacity to brew at least 1.5 cups per person if you’re making coffee for a party or function. Most individuals will drink more than one cup of coffee, but others will not drink any at all, so 1.5 is a useful benchmark to remember. If you’re hosting a big gathering, consider having two urns: one for coffee and one for hot water for those who prefer tea or other hot drinks.

Using a Coffee Urn to Brew Coffee

Here are some guidelines to follow to ensure that your coffee tastes amazing. It’s crucial to note, however, that the best method to brew coffee in each coffee urn is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

To begin, remove the filter basket and the center pole from the coffee urn by opening the lid (you may have give it a little twist to unlock it). The quantity of water required for each number of cups of coffee is usually indicated by level marks on the inside of most coffee urns.

Pro tip: If you want a better-tasting coffee, use spring water or filtered water. Fill the coffee urn with water until the required level is reached. Replace the middle pole, ensuring sure it’s securely in place. In the filter basket, place a paper coffee filter and slide it onto the post. Put the quantity of ground coffee you’ll need in the filter basket after carefully measuring it. Use freshly ground coffee (coarse grind size, ideal for filter brewing) or pre-ground coffee for optimal results, but make sure you pick the proper grind size for a coffee urn or percolator.

The proportions are easy to remember: one third of a cup of ground coffee equals five cups of coffee. Try 2 cups of ground coffee for the normal minimum (25 cups in a small coffee urn). If your filter basket has a cover, replace that as well; it ensures that the water is filtered uniformly through the coffee grinds.

Close and lock the cover of the coffee urn. For each cup of coffee you wish to make, the normal brewing time in a percolator is around 40 seconds.

That implies that if you’re preparing 30 cups of coffee, the urn will take around 20 minutes to do the job. The majority of coffee urns contain an indication light that turns on when the brewing process is complete. After the coffee is ready, unplug the coffee urn and begin serving right away.


If you’re going to leave the coffee urn out on a table for visitors to serve themselves to some coffee, ensure sure the filter basket is removed when the machine is safe to operate. Allow it to cool for at least 30 minutes before using. Removing the coffee basket and used coffee can help avoid the burnt flavor that occurs when coffee remains in a machine for an extended period of time.

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