What Are The Weight Capacities On Boosted Boards? All Models.

A very important thing to know is how much weight your electric skateboard can hold.

I once bought a super mini electric skateboard with a very low weight limit (around 200 lbs) on Amazon. When I tried to ride it, the board barely moved.

There’s nothing wrong with being heavier, but weight and gravity have a big effect on friction.

“An object in motion stays in motion,” you may have heard.

The harder it is for the board to move, the heavier you are.

Weight Limits Of Boosted Boards

You’ve come to the right place if you want to know how much weight each Boosted board can hold.

And if you’re already having doubts…

Don’t be afraid.

I can tell you right away that boosted boards can hold people who are heavier.

After all, they are made for grown-ups…

And even if you are close to the weight limit, all Boosted models have very powerful motors that will help move the board even if you are close to the limit. No matter how much you weigh, you won’t lose too much performance.

Boosted Stealth

Weight Limit: 250 pounds

The most expensive and best board from Boosted.

It can go as fast as 24 mph and can go as far as 14 miles.

With a powerful 2,100-watt motor, you’ll have no trouble cutting through the streets.

Hill climbing is also fun because you can reach an incline of 25%.

Boosted Plus

Weight Limit: 250 pounds

This is Boosted’s first board, the one that changed the market for electric skateboards for good.

It is still probably Boosted’s most popular and prized possession. It can go as fast as 22 mph, has a range of 14 miles, and can climb hills at a rate of 25 percent.

Boosted Mini S

Weight Limit: 250 pounds

The cheapest model from Boosted. People on a budget have been asking Boosted to make an e-board that is both smaller and cheaper for a long time.

Even though it costs $749, it has a speed of 18 mph, a range of 7 miles, and a 20 percent hill climbing rate. Not bad, but for the price, it could be better.

Boosted Mini X

Weight Limit: 250 pounds

The Mini S’s older brother. Same size, more performance.

This baby costs $999 and has a faster processor and a bigger battery.

20 mph, a battery that can go 14 miles further, and a rate of climbing hills of 20%.


If you are noticing a pattern, it’s because there is one.

All of the Boosted models can hold up to 250 pounds of weight.

You might say that 250 pounds isn’t much, which is true.

There are many boards that can hold a lot more than 300 pounds.

Why is the limit for Boosted so much lower?

I don’t know if Boosted did this because it was easier to make, but it seems likely that the materials used in the design had something to do with it.

Boosted doesn’t want you to hurt yourself, break the board, and file a big lawsuit because they didn’t tell you not to go over the weight limit.

Why Weight Capacity Is Important

Because of a few simple things, all boards have a weight limit:

  • Rider Safety
  • Protecting Your Board
  • Performance

Rider Safety

People get hurt when things break.

If your board breaks, loses a wheel, or comes loose while you’re going 20 mph… You are going to fall off and hurt yourself in some way.

Weight capacity has nothing to do with how the company feels about bigger people. It keeps people from getting hurt.

Protecting Your Board

Like with rider safety, going over your board’s weight limit will only damage it.

That means you lose money, get down on yourself, and might stop riding electric skateboards.

I don’t think that’s what the people who make e-boards want.

They want you to be a long-term customer, of course. If your board keeps breaking, it’s very unlikely that you’ll keep it.

That means that both you, the rider, and the company/brand lose.


When you are heavier, your horse has to work harder…

That means that your horse will need more rest, more food, and more water to be able to carry you.

Now, put your electric skateboard in place of the horse. It’s exactly the same.

On every e-board, it says how much weight it can hold, so that your board doesn’t have to work as hard.

When you go over a weight limit, the battery life, range, acceleration, and top speed all get worse.

That means you’ll have less fun and a worse time when you ride.

If you weigh more, you should always choose a board with a higher weight limit.

The Physics Behind Weight Limits

The laws of physics explain everything in this world. Consider it.

Every material and thing ever made in this universe has a point at which it will break. When you sit in a chair, the electrons in your body and the electrons in the chair will repel each other.

You never actually touch the chair. Instead, you’re floating on a very small molecular level because electrons push against each other.

But if you put too much weight on the chair, like 10,000 pounds, the electrons won’t be able to support the forces that push them away because the material and structure aren’t made for that much weight. The chair breaks in the end.

Even though this may seem hard, it’s not.

Your electric skateboard is the same.

Based on the materials and parts that were used to make the board, the electrons will be able to hold a certain amount of mass.

Once an electron is hit with more force than it can handle, it is pushed back to its breaking point.

Every force has a force that works against it.


Because of this, your board’s weight limit will depend on a number of things:

  • Length of the deck
  • Wood/material of the deck
  • Trunks
  • Wheel size and material

Longboards, which have longer decks, tend to have softer, more bendable decks, while shorter “mini” boards tend to be stiffer and harder.

Even though stiff decks may seem stronger, they are usually more brittle, which means they can’t hold as much weight and are more likely to break.

There are different kinds of wood that are stronger than others. For instance, maple wood is often used to make skateboards because it is both flexible and very strong.

How big and good your trunk is will also affect how much weight you can carry. The type of metal, nuts, and bolts used to hold things together will also matter.

Size and material of the wheels are also very important. Orangatang wheels are one of the most popular because they look different and are bigger than most.